Complete Seal Coating, Asphalt Maintenance & Paving Services by Illini Suburban Asphalt Maintenance Inc. - Naperville, Illinois IL

Commercial Services

Illini Suburban Asphalt Maintenance Inc. is a full-service asphalt company with a complete range of asphalt services from new construction to seal coating and repairs.

Our professional team works with you to provide a pleasant experience while we install, repair or restore any parking lot or commercial construction. We use the latest techniques and equipment for our services including:

Comprehensive Site Planning  
New Construction
Asphalt Paving
Hot-Crack Sealing 
Full Depth Removal and Replacement
Seal coating
Cut and Patching
Catch Basin Repair
Car Stops


Defining your vision and objective is a top priority at Illini Suburban. First, our professional team will consult with you to ensure that the task is feasible and that we have a thorough understanding of the requested work. The second step is a complete evaluation of the on-site drainage, contours and any variables that might effect the installation. After reviewing any issues we can begin to excavate and remove the soil to a depth of eleven inches. Excavation is followed by the installation, grading, and compression of eight inches of #304 limestone which creates a sound and enduring base (other stone may be added if the desired base is soft). The final step for new construction is to compact and pave the asphalt to a fine finish.


If you are looking to upgrade a simple gravel driveway or parking area to asphalt, our professionals can evaluate the area and provide a free estimate catered to your specific needs.  Generally, gravel driveways have a moderate stone base established which we combine with the proper amount of #304 limestone that is required to create a sound asphalt base. During the grade and pave process, the top layer of existing gravel is leveled, and then the #304 limestone is brought in, leveled, and graded to ensure proper drainage. After the stone is rolled, asphalt is laid on top of the base and rolled. The finalized thickness of the asphalt ranges from 3-5 inches depending on the specifications of the project.


An overlay is an economical solution when the top layer of asphalt is worn and damaged, but the underlying base is still sound. After careful review, we can determine if the circumstances permit an overlay rather than a complete removal and replacement. Once we have reviewed the property and confident that the underlying base is in quality condition, it then becomes the additional base for a second layer (a cap or overlay). Often asphalt surfaces that qualify for this procedure have some incidental low places; in order to guarantee a smooth and level finished surface, these low areas will be filled before a cap is applied. Finally, an additional two inch layer of asphalt is applied and compressed, producing a 1 1/2 inch thick capped surface.


Illini Suburban Asphalt Maintenance Inc. uses the most innovative products available including hot pour Flex-A-Fill rubberized parking lot sealant. Unlike cold-pour sealants, Flex-A-Fill is applied at 350°F and is ready for traffic within 2 hours. This commercial grade crack sealant will not track into your business and flexes easily with the asphalt. After application, Flex-A-Fill will stay in place through several seasons. 


Seal coating is an excellent choice to protect your asphalt investment, essentially protecting the parking lot from the elements and chemicals it is exposed to everyday. We use only top-of-the-line Sealcoat Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer when seal coating any job, large or small. We adhere to strict standards with proper amounts of washed silica sand that provide added traction and longevity to the seal finish. We also add Tar Max, a sealer latex enhancer, to increase the lifespan and luster of the finish. We pride ourselves in taking great measures to insure a uniform mixture arrives at the work site by transporting the sealer in steel, hydraulically agitated tanks which ensures a consistent, long lasting application.

Illini Suburban Asphalt Maintenance Inc. provides professional striping for commercial properties of every size. We stripe parking spaces including handicap, reserved and loading spaces. We also do specially designated areas and spaces that require multi-color schemes.


It is common for many of our clients to be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the concrete sidewalks, patios, drives, curbs, and gutters on their property. We offer competitive estimates for replacement of cracked and deteriorated flat concrete.  We can break out existing concrete and replace these areas with a brand new surface providing years of life. Whether we are doing minimal repairs, extensive reconstruction or a new excavation, Illini Suburban Asphalt Maintenance Inc. strives to exceed our client's expectations.


When asphalt has been damaged resulting in a hole that has penetrated to the limestone base, a cut and patch repair is the standard restorative method. Illini Suburban Asphalt Maintenance Inc. can extend the life of the entire asphalt area by removing the damaged portion, and completing the job with a new re-based and re-paved piece of asphalt.


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